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An Inaugural Talk by Prof. Ismawi Zen on The Planning and Design of Masjidal Haram, Makkah Al-Arramah

Date : 7th May 2012
Time : 2:30pm to 4:00pm
Venue : Convention Hall, Block 12, Faculty of Built Environment
Synopsis of the talk:
Makkah is the most holy city for the Muslim Ummah. Every year it attracts millions of pilgrims for haj and many more come to perform umrah throughout the year. The exponential increase in the number of pilgrims in recent years because of many factors, the most important of which is the ease of travelling fueled by the marked increase in the affluence of the Muslim societies the world over has turned what used to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a repeat trip on almost an annual basis for many has great strained the city and its infrastructure as well as services. In the implementation of his role as the Custodian of the Two Holy Places, the king has decreed that the Masjidal Haram Makkah al-Mukarramah be greatly extended to ensure that pilgrims be able to perform the haj and umrah in maximum comfort and safety. As Masjidal Haram is the raison d’ê…

Mangrove Rehabilitation Program at Kampong Pengkalan Hulu, Serkat, Johor: A Community Service Program by Department of Landscape Architecture

On 21st April 2012, 60 landscape architectural undergraduates and Dr Ismail Said participated in a community service program, Mangrove Rehabilitation at Kampong Pengkalan Hulu, Serkat. The main purpose of the program was to collaborate with a non-governmental organization, JARING (Jaringan Kebajikan dan Pendidikan Nelaysan Pantai Malaysia) to collect mangrove seeds and to plant them in polyethylene bags as nursery stock. The program began with a lecture from JARING on mangrove ecosystem at the information centre of mangrove rehabilitation in Kukup town. With the ecosystem knowledge, the students proceeded to Kukup Island with Encik Jamaluddin Mohammad as the guide. They were taught on the roles of mangrove and its intricate correlation with the coastal community of Kukup and Serkat. It was an interesting experience, traversing the forest on boardwalk and walking on hanging bridge in a rainy morning. Students were exposed to the elements of the ecosystem as well with its…

Colloquium Between Green Innovation Research Group (UTM) and Centre of Advanced Studies for Architecture (NUS)

On 25th April, 27 members from Green Innovation Research Group (GIRG) participated with 9 members from Centre of Advanced Studies for Architecture (CASA), National University of Singapore, in a colloquium. The gathering was held at CASA. GIRG was led by Dr Ismail Said and accompanied by Dr Remaz and Dr Hisyam whereas CASA was headed by Prof Johannes Widodo. The aim of the gathering to allow postgraduate students from UTM and NUS to present their research works, thus to gain feedback how to improve the research quality. All research focused on Asian centric studies on built environment and human behaviour. Ten papers, five from each laboratory, were presented—view schedule of presentation. The papers were categorised into three themes: comfort and leisure, historic places,and urbanism. The next colloquium is in September 2012 at UTM.
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