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Members from Green Innovation Research Group have submitted 17 full papers for a conference, SEATUC5, which will be held at Hanoi University of Technology from 24 to 25 February 2011. To access to the papers, please contact Dr Kei Saito at Copyright of the papers is held by the secretariat of SEATUC5.



On 14 to 17 December 2010, a group of five staff from Department of Landscape Architecture attended IFLA Symposium on Cultural Landscape organized by the Seoul National University, South Korea. The theme of the symposium was Identity of Traditional Asian Landscapes that enabled academics from Asian universities to share viewpoints on cultural landscape issues and its meaning. Dr.Hamidah Ahmad, Dr. Sirima Nasongkhla, Dr. Sapura Mohamad and Assoc. Prof. Dr Ismail Said, presented their paper at the IFLA Symposium. In addition, landscape architect Mohd Za’i Kandar fromTropics Design and tutor, Lee Yoke Lai joined the symposium group.


A view of International Conference Hall where the all the IFLA APR Cultural Landscape committee presented their paper at Seoul National University, Korea

Technical tour excursion at Changdeok Palace, Seoul

Workshop discussion on private landscape chaired  by Prof. Kim Sung-Kyun and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ismail Said

Green Learning Grounds : A Shelter for School

UTM's Department of Landscape Architecture, and selected schools in Johor Bahru have working together to ensure that school's environment are as nurturing as possible. The greening School Ground Program represents a commitment to contribute positively to well-being of future generations by educating students and teachers about the importance of creating and preserving conducive school ground for learning and teaching.
Dr. Mohd Sarofil with Landscape Architecture's students, Assistant Principal, Hajjah Afrinah, SIGS's teachers and staffs of faculty after assembling the shelter.

 A group foto with Senior Assistant (Co-curriculum) of Sekolah Menengah Teknik Johor Bahru, Hajjah Fatimah Binti Zulkarnain after the construction of shelter.

Kumpulan Akitek Scholarship Award (KASA) for UTM Architecture Students

The award ceremony was held at the lecture hall in Faculty of Built Environment, UTM in the morning of 1st November 2010. It was attended by the Company Managing Director Prof. Adjunct Haji Shamsuddin Muhammad, Executive Associate Ar. Hj. Nazri Abdul Aziz, Head of Department External Programme (S.P.A.C.E.) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mahmud Jusan, the head of Architecture Department Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Sani Ahmad, lecturers and students

Kumpulan Akitek managing director (standing six from left, front row) Prof. Adjunct Ar Shamsuddin with KASA recipients, students and members of architecture department.

Mohammad Hafizuddin receiving KASA certificate and a cheque from Kumpulan Akitek.

Ryan Chok receiving KASA certificate and a cheque from Kumpulan Akitek.

Student Exchange Program with Hanyang University, South Korea

An undergraduate student from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment, UTM, Nur Ayunni Adnan, is joining a Student Exchange Program between UTM and Hanyang University in South Korea. The 6-month program which started from 27th August 2010 is funded under the Graduate Marketability Program 2010 by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.

Runner-Up and Best Presenter for UTM in 1Malaysia House Design Competition

On 29th November 2010, a group of 15 students from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia were announced as the runner-up winner for 1Malaysia House Design Competition 2010 organized by Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam. All the delegates were in UiTM to receive the prize worth RM 5000 for the design competition, and an additional of RM 1000 for winning the best presenter category. The first prize winner team is from UiTM Seri Iskandar, while the first runner-up is from Tunku Abdul Rahman College. Seven institutions took part in the competition.



One of the ongoing studies by Green Innovation Research Group is Developing a participatory workshop method for use with children in UHI mitigation strategies in Malaysia. It is a joint research between UTM and Hiroshima University with RM24000 fund from Hiroshima University.



Dr Kate Bishop 
Date: Friday, 10th December 2010
Venue: Seminar Room, Faculty of Built Environment
Participatory research with children and young people has increased dramatically in the last 15-20 years.  Previously, children’s research largely consisted of research on children rather than withthem as is common today. This change reflected a new respect for, and understanding of, childhood as a distinct social period in its own right and not simply a step along the way to adulthood. Researchers became interested in understanding this period of life from children’s perspectives, recognising that they themselves would always be outsiders as adults. More..

Visiting Professor – Prof. Michihiko Shinozaki

Prof. Michihiko Shinozaki from College of Engineering Design, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan, is a former visiting professor of Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment, UTM (2007-2009). And he is also currently one of the international research fellows of GIRG (Green Innovation Research Group). From 21st and 22nd October 2010, he will be visiting Department of Landscape Architecture to have a research progress meeting with GIRG members, Dr.Kei, Dr.Ismail, and Dr.Hisyam. The research topic is Design Method for Micro-scale Landscape in Tropical Climate, which has been conducted since July 2009. And, he will hold a discussion about future collaboration research with GIRG and his research laboratory.

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5th ESCAPE 2010

Venue:  Teluk Gorek, Penyabong, Johor Darul Takzim
Date: 29-31 July 2010
Theme: Indigenous
On 29-31 July 2010, the Department of Landscape Architecture from Faculty of Built Environment UTM with the cooperation of EARTH society hosted the 5th ESCAPE 2010 at Teluk Gorek, Endau, Johor Darul Takzim. All first year students and the seniors from second until final year  participated in the 3 days 2 nights event.


Iftar Ramadan 2010

In conjunction with the celebration of the holy month, Ramadan, on 13th August 2010, the Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment, UTM held its 2010 Iftar, successfully organized in collaboration with EARTH society.  The Iftar was held to also inculcate the spirit of togetherness among the students and the landscape staff within the department and landscape community. The event started at 6.45 pm whereby all guests were gathered at Block B11 Gallery Hall. While waiting to break fast, Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Zin bin Kandar delivered a short ‘tazkirah’ regarding  “Fasting and Ramadan”.


Kumpulan Arkitek ‘Scholarship Award’ (KASA)

Two undergraduate students, Ryan Chok Anak Wat and Mohammad Hafizuddin Abd. Rahman, from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Built Environment, UTM were selected to receive the Kumpulan Arkitek Scholarship Award (KASA) on 30th August 2010. Both students are in their final year study at present. The scholarship is generously offered by Kumpulan Akitek Sdn. Bhd., a prestigious architectural firm based in Kuala Lumpur.

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Developing a Participatory Workshop Method for Use with Children in Urban Heat Island Mitigation Strategies

Two undergraduate students, Koji Tajima and Mitsunaka, from Hiroshima University are conducting a 2-week internship at Green Innovation Research Group laboratory. Their internship begins 21 Sept and ends on 4 October 2010. They will be helping Dr Hisyam Rasidi and Dr Ismail Said to conduct a joint research between UTM and Hiroshima University. The research topic is Developing a participatory workshop method for use with children in urban heat island mitigation strategies. This research is being financed by a RM24,000 grant from IDEC, Hiroshima University under the supervision of Dr Tetsu Kubota.

News from FAB website

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