NRGF Asia Scoping Workshop, 9-10 December 2016, Bangkok, Thailand

An Urban Analytics Data Infrastructure (UADI): A New Ontological Framework to Underpin The Next Generation of Smart Decision-Support Tools by Dr.Soheil Sabri

Publicity and Public Participation, Draft District Local Plan (RTD) Johor Bahru and Kulai 2025 (Replacement) by TPr. Chew Lee Ting

Greenovation Reaches School Community to Educate Children on Interactive Artworks – Irfan Suria

Landscape Professional Talk: Product Sharing - Landscape Irrigation System

Pembinaan Ikut SOP Elak Tragedi Maut Berulang

Seoul International Invention Fair 2016 (SIIF2016)

QS-Bina Society Alumni Reunion (QASIH 2016)

JPBW Monthly Seminar: A Cutting Edge of Development Thinking by Adjunct Professor Datuk Ismail Ibrahim

Prof. Dr. Amran’s Appointment as Co-Chairman of IRDA Future City Advisory Council