Greenovation Reaches School Community to Educate Children on Interactive Artworks – Irfan Suria

Under attentive supervision of Assoc. Prof Dr. Ismail Said and Dr Mohd Hisyam Rasidi together with Dr. Nadiah N. Sahimi, my recent data collection for my research work entitled “Children’s Artworks for a Child-Friendly Environment” would not be possible without the assistance of other Greenovation Research Group members whom are Joharudin Samion, Mega Suria Hashim, Amalina SsMfauzi, Noraini Bahari, Janatun Yusof, Nanna Zabar, Zakie Zabar, Putri Fariza and Megat Mohamed Arif. In order to collect such data from middle childhood children, a series of workshops aptly named “Seni Bersama” was conducted from September to November 2016 at Sekolah Taman Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru. The aim of this research is to develop a culture of getting-together in creating artworks among children for other children towards establishing a child-friendly environment.
Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Bukit Indah (SKTBI) Johor Bahru was chosen because of its location in the heart of an urban neighborhood. A total of 90 children aged 11 to 12 years old of SKTBI participated in the workshops for which they had to produce public artworks that expresses themselves as middle childhood children and make it interactive for other children to participate. The process of making these artworks becomes their ‘play’ together with their friends.