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CiPD Talk - "The Four Faces of Community Sustainability and Resilience"

Academic Visit from Seifu Nankai Junior and Senior High School, Japan

Perjumpaan Staf PPP Bersama Dekan

JPBW Monthly Seminar

JPBW Monthly Seminar–March(Rural Development & Global Challenges)

Seni bina Johor diterap 
di semua masjid

JPBW Monthly Seminar

UTM Career Carnival 2015

Meeting of Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning Students with Academic Advisors

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning had its meeting of students from Year 1SBEP to Year 4SBEP with the respective Academic Advisors on 26th February (Thursday) 2015 at the Convention Hall, B12. Prizes for academic excellence Semester 1 2014/2015 on the basis of the best CGPA were also presented to respective students.  Students who received prizes were Abdul Muhaimin bin Mahid (Year 1SBEP-CGPA 3.88), Tay Suet Yi (Year 2SBEP- CGPA 4.00), Syarifah Aishah bt Said Mohd Khirudin (Year 3SBEP-CGPA 3.81) and Marcella Dares (Year 4SBEP-CGPA 3.93).  Prizes comprising of books and certificates were presented by the Head of Department, Associate Professor Datin Dr. Norsiah bt Abdul Aziz.

70th Professorial Inaugural Lecture Series

Hari Keluarga UTM 2015