Sustainable Village Program – Kg. Sejagong, Sg. Kepoh Mukim 18 Sri Medan, Batu Pahat, Johor

On 29th May until 3rd June 2012, Department of Landscape Architecture, FBE had organized Sustainable Village Program at Kg. Sejagong, Sg. Kepoh, Mukim 18, Sri Medan. A total of 58 students of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) consist of 35 Landscape Architecture students and the rest are students from engineering faculty have stayed at Kampung Sejagong, Sg Kepoh starting from 29th Mei till 3rd June 2012 to accomplish the Sustainable Village Program by constructing the village entrance signage and school landscape for Sek. Keb. Sejagong, together with the local community.

This service learning program had a full support and cooperation from Centre of General Courses and Co-curriculum, Batu Pahat District Office, Yong Peng District Council, and village committee. The objectives of this program are to give an exposure and awareness about the importance of creating a sustainable landscape design for village environment. Apart from that, it also benefits to students in a way that they can practice the right method of constructing hardscape and softcape for school and village community.