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Open Lecture by Dr Lai Chee Kien

Dr Lai Chee Kien will be delivering a talk on Researching Southeast Asia. It is on Friday 27th September, 9am to 10:30am, at convention hall, B12. He is an assistant professor from Department of Architecture, NUS.
The synopsis of the talk is as follows:
Southeast Asia, as an academic category, is a rather late one amongst various disciplines including space, landscape and architectural studies. Because of its relatively young and undeveloped circumstances since the post-war and Cold War era, its researchers and students tend to borrow or adapt methods and models from more established academic disciplines, and chiefly from Western models. In recent years, however, there is growing scholarship of the region not only by local but worldwide scholars who have advanced forthright, progressive and new strategies to structure or guide research work. In this talk, I try to trace and share some of these trajectories that we may consider in our own paths to research the region.


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